May 19, 2007

Unrest in Jalandhar. Jalandhar is "closed" today and Security Personnel could be seen Securing the City

Citizens Speak:

A couple of shopkeepers at Model Town Market aired the views that ordinary shopkeepers should not have to close down and this is a political issue. They believe that outgoing governenment may be trying to create problems for the government in power. They ask, "Who is answerable for this?". One thing on which everyone agreed that such actions by the public at large make Life much difficult for daily wagers, who wake up in the morning unsure of the meal at night. The poorest pay the heaviest price, it seems.

(L-R)Anterpreet Singh, Deepak Shah, Amrinder Singh, Navneet Aggarwal, ? of Model Town Market

(wallpaper or larger photos)

Overview of the City in the Morning
Estate, Phase-I, Market
(around 10:54 am)
Liquor shops too are closed

Railway Crossing near Bus Stand
(around 11:08am)

Crossing near Bus Stand
(around 11:09am)
Shops here too are closed

Area near All India Radio (AIR) Complex
(around 11:12am)
Some shops like this dhaba are open and doing business

Vrindavan South Indian Dhaba
(around 11:13am)
The eating point is closed

BMC Chowk
(around 11:13am)

B.R. Ambedkar Chowk (Nakodar Chowk)
(around 11:19am)

Here we could see a group (possibly of the many) of people on
motorcycles sporting cane sticks etc riding towards Rainak Bazaar

Guru Nanak Mission Chowk
(around 11:20am)

New Jawahar Nagar Market
(around 11:21am)

Gita Mandir, Model Town
(around 11:25am)

Niku Park
(around 11:26am)

Model Town Market
(around 11:26am)

Parkash Bakery side

A lone "chabeel" stall in the closed Model Town Market around 11:27am

Gol Market
(around 11:37am)
Shops are closed and the streets bear a lonely look